Dismantling Racism Institute

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NCCJ St. Louis began conducting the Dismantling Racism (DR) Institute in 1994, also tailoring the general curriculum specifically for educators (the Dismantling Racism Institute for Educators, or DRIE).

The in-depth Dismantling Racism Institute and our one-day Interrupting Racism Workshops focus primarily on racism and racial identity.

NCCJ also offers Inclusion Institutes, focused not solely on race, but also on ethnicity, class, sex, gender, sexual orientation, ability status, religion, age, and appearance. 

To inquire about either Dismantling Racism Institutes, or multiple-identity Inclusion Institutes, please email David Martineau

★ We would like to re-connect with former Dismantling Racism participants. If you are a graduate of Dismantling Racism, please email us.