Anytown Youth Leadership Institute

Anytown Youth Leadership Institute is a 6-day, full immersion, residential program for high school youth interested in making their school and community environments more socially just. Participants have the opportunity to explore topics of discrimination through experiential exercises and group dialogue, while making close friends from across the state and St. Louis region. Students leave Anytown as young people dedicated to creating a society based on inclusion, trust, and mutual respect. After attending Anytown, many students develop workshops, student clubs (such as a social justice club or minority student union), and have daily conversations with peers to build awareness and understanding.


Anytown Youth Leadership Institute 2020

Dates TBD




Young people interested in learning more about social justice and who are currently in 9th, 10th, or 11th grade, or are between the ages of 15 and 18, are encouraged to participate in Anytown. Current high school seniors will be accepted on a limited basis. 

Applying for Anytown

This year, we have an application that can be filled out directly online. Click here to apply!

After Anytown

Every student who graduates can enroll in our Aligning and Leveraging Leadership in Youth (ALLY) program. This program is included as part of Anytown and extends throughout the academic school year. To learn more about ALLY, please visit our ALLY webpage


NCCJ is proud to have a number of scholarships available to students who are not sponsored by their school or youth organization. Please contact Ro Kicker, to learn about the details of obtaining a scholarship.

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Faculty Leads 

Anytown staff is made up of a diverse group of leaders from Anytown graduates to adults from diverse professional backgrounds and life experiences. Staff undergo extensive training prior to Anytown. Click here to apply for a Faculty Lead position.

Delegate Leaders

Delegate Leaders are graduates of Anytown that return to the program as peer mentors to new Delegates. In addition, they will have structured sessions to continue improving their leadership and facilitation skills, and build their capacity to act as change agents based on what they have learned at Anytown.

 Click here to apply for an opportunity to become a Delegate Leader.


Interns are a necessary component of Anytown. They have the opportunity to experience training and programming that will deeply impact their level of awareness and ability to engage in dialogue, understanding, and self-reflection. Serving as an intern at Anytown opens doors for folks interested in engaging in social justice oriented work. It provides younger folks with exceptional skills to put on college or scholarship applications, resumes, as well future applications to become an Anytown Program Facilitator.

Click here to apply for an Anytown Internship.

For additional information, please visit the Anytown Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or contact Ro Kicker, CDFT, via email at or phone at 314-432-2525. 


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